Why Choose Us

Why Choose Us

Why choose us

Taiaitai peptide started in 1997 and is a group company integrating R&D, production, sales and service.
24 years of technical experience in collagen peptide industry. Wu Qinglin, the founder of Taiaitai Peptide Group – the father of Chinese collagen
peptides. “No one can resist aging, but with peptides, we can slow down the pace of human aging, slow down, and slow down again.” It is also the original
intention of Mr. Wu to start the business.

Our advantages

This will give us an edge on our competitors.


Production advantages

Three major production bases, covering an area of more than 600 acres, with an annual output value of more than 5,000 tons, 23 modern production lines. International GMP production line, fifteen production processes. Patented enzymatic hydrolysis technology. Core technology: single-substance extraction technology and full-substance chain grabbing technology, and mastered the extraction process technology of herbal small molecule peptides


<span>TEAM</span> ADVANTAGE


Dalian has a R&D building of 6,000 square meters,
a strong R&D team and a team of experts.
A team of 100 experts.


<span>TEAM</span> ADVANTAGE


With more than 300 research results and 23 patented
technologies, customized services can be provided according
to the market. 1 to 2 months for new product development. There
are also two cores: single-substance capture technology and full-
substance chain extraction technology. Obtained FDA, ISO22000,
HACCP, FSSC and other international certifications.


Product advantages

The leader of collagen in China, the extraction technology has high purity, up to 95%, and the small molecular weight is between 180-1500 Daltons. The technology is extremely advanced.We produce over 300 small molecule peptides. Divided into animal collagen peptides and plant peptides. We have established good cooperative relations with global companies. Our next step is to make small molecules of traditional Chinese medicine, so that traditional Chinese medicine can go to the world in the form of peptides, let traditional Chinese medicine go to the world, tap the wealth of traditional Chinese medicine, and benefit the people of the world. We are located in Beijing, the capital of China, and have 3 factories. Our factory can make raw peptide powder, finished peptide powder, and provide customized services. It can be used as food, medicine, cosmetic grade peptide. Our collagen peptides are sold in more than 50 countries. Taiaitai Peptide Group conforms to the development trend of the global health industry, gives full play to its own advantages, and steadily promotes the extraction and quantification of small molecule peptides in traditional Chinese medicine. At present, our original powder has been displayed in more than 100 countries and regions around the world, and we have established overseas factories in Korea and overseas offices in Japan.


quality first


It should be a future

In the future, Taiaitai Peptide will join hands with you to jointly promote the small molecule peptide business, go global through the brand, and let the common people enjoy better peptides through quality, just as Chairman Wu Xia proposed: “Let the common people drink peptides like milk. So that everyone can enjoy the health brought by peptides through inclusive means.” Taiaitai peptide’s vision is to be a century-old enterprise in the health industry. Focus on making peptides all your life, let the world fall in love with Chinese peptides! Covering the United States, the European Union, ASEAN, Australia, the Middle East and other countries, warmly welcome friends from all over the world to visit our company for inspection and cooperation. We provide delivery services such as sea and air, express and other delivery services worldwide.