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Oyster collagen peptide powder is a small molecular peptide obtained from marine oyster meat through enzymatic hydrolysis, separation, refining and drying. It is composed of 2-6 amino acids and has a relative molecular weight between 200-800D. Therefore, oyster peptides can be quickly absorbed by the body without digestion. Oyster peptides are not only rich in protein, vitamins, trace elements and taurine in appropriate proportions, but also contain a variety of nutrients unique to marine organisms. In addition to the physical and chemical functional properties of peptide substances such as good water absorption, water holding capacity, oil absorption, emulsification and foaming, oyster peptide also has good antioxidant, free radical scavenging activity, beauty, and immunity enhancement. Control blood pressure and blood lipids, care for the liver, improve reproductive functions, etc.

Detailed description

Oyster oligopeptide contains 8 essential amino acids, taurine, vitamins and trace elements such as zinc, selenium, iron, copper, iodine; angiotensin converting enzyme, ACE), invigorating the kidney and nourishing essence, enhancing sexual function, replenishing energy, strengthening liver and detoxifying, improving immunity, promoting metabolism, etc.
The highest content of oyster oligopeptide is glutamic acid, which has the functions of scavenging free radicals, delaying aging, and maintaining memory ability. The polysaccharide content of water-soluble protein is high, and the amino acid content is rich in taste, which has umami and sweet taste. The content of glutamic acid, leucine and arginine in salt-soluble protein is high, and arginine has anti-fatigue effect and is an indispensable substance for sperm production. The insoluble protein is mainly composed of collagen and elastin, and the content of glycine and proline is higher. The high content of branched-chain amino acids in oyster peptide can promote the synthesis and metabolism of protein during exercise, accelerate the synthesis of muscles, and be used to maintain nutrition for patients after trauma and surgery, and the content of hydrophobic amino acids is also high, which is closely related to ACE inhibitory activity.
[Appearance]: No impurities visible to the naked eye.
Glycogen can improve liver function, recover from fatigue, and enhance physical strength. The extremely rich taurine content can promote bile secretion, remove neutral fat accumulated in the liver, and improve the detoxification of the liver. In addition, it also contains a variety of vitamins and calcium. , phosphorus, iron, zinc and other trace elements.
[Color]: yellow, with the inherent color of the product.
[Properties]: The powder is uniform and has good fluidity.
[Water solubility]: easily soluble in water, no precipitation.
[Smell and taste]: fishy.

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1. Oyster collagen peptide has a good protective effect on liver injury, and can significantly reduce the serum ALT/AST content and reduce the degree of stem cell damage caused by CC14-induced impromptu liver injury.
2. Oyster oligopeptides can improve the body's immune level.
3. Enhance physical fitness, anti-oxidation, anti-fatigue.
4. Excellent antioxidant activity of oyster peptides.
5. Health food: Oyster peptides can effectively increase serum testosterone levels and enhance male sexual function. At the same time, it has the dual functions of regulating the physiological functions of the body and improving nutrition for the body, and can improve immunity. It is a common raw material for health food.
6. Healthy food: CPP can promote the absorption of calcium, and also has a good effect on the absorption and utilization of iron and zinc.

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Keep blood pressure stable

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Physiological function

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Material Source:Oyster meat


State: Powder

Technology: Enzymatic hydrolysis


Molecular Weight: 200-800Dal

Protein: ≥ 90%

Product Features: Purity, non additive, pure collagen protein peptide

Package: 1KG/Bag, or customized.

Peptide is composed of 2-6 amino acids.



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Factory display

24 years R&D experience,20 productions lines. 5000 ton peptide for every year, 10000 square R&D building, 50 R&D team.Over 200 bioactive peptide extraction and mass production technology.

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Production management
The production management department is composed of the production department and the workshop, and undertakes production orders, raw material procurement, warehousing, feeding, production, packaging, inspection and warehousing professional production processes.

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L/C T/T Western Union.

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